Foreign power targets MP

This week, a leaked document revealed that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) had briefed the Trudeau Liberal government two years ago about a foreign influence operation targeting a Canadian MP and his family. 

This Conservative Member of Parliament was Michael Chong, who represents the Ontario riding of Wellington-Halton Hills, and his family in Hong Kong were the targets of an orchestrated intimidation campaign by a diplomat representing the Beijing communist government posted in Canada.

The reason for the campaign was MP Michael Chong’s criticism of Beijing’s human rights record- particularly his motion calling on the Government of Canada to recognize that a genocide was being carried out by the Beijing communist government against Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims.

Despite the shock of a foreign government targeting a Canadian MP and his family, the Trudeau Liberal Government did nothing about it.

MP Michael Chong was not previously notified of the intimidation campaign, nor was the diplomat representing the Beijing communist government expelled.

When questions arose in the House of Commons on Monday, Prime Minister Trudeau and his Public Safety Minister refused to admit when they became aware of the situation and what they had done about it.

On Tuesday, both the Prime Minister and Minister claimed they were unaware of the situation until it was raised in the media.

This raises the question of why they did not simply say so on Monday when the questions first arose and what action Prime Minister Trudeau will take in response to this latest information.

This report is the latest in a series of leaks from CSIS indicating interference in Canadian democracy by operatives related to the Beijing communist government.

These include reports of “Chinese” state-run police stations in several Canadian cities, a questionable Beijing communist government donation to the Trudeau Foundation, its meddling in various ridings in the last election, and a former Liberal MP, now an independent MP, raising concerns.

Despite these mounting concerns, the Prime Minister continues to avoid answering what he knew and when or denies having knowledge of such actions and events.

My question this week:

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